Mora TV is an edutainment initiative that was wholeheartedly created with the intention of providing children around the world with quality media content.

Our educational endeavors are supported by an active team of over 50 professionals, musicians, lyricists, singers, and animators. Their excellence is essential to captivating one of the most selective audiences: kids!

  • Since 2012, Mora TV is developing TraLaLa, the No. 1 Romanian YouTube channel, with a 10 million constant monthly audience, with over 2 billion views and over 5 billion minutes watch time.
  • BoonBoon is the YouTube main choice for Romanian preschool kids when looking for great cartoon shows.
  • LooLoo Kids is one of the most popular YouTube channel for toddlers, entertaining families worldwide with children songs and nursery rhymes.


Every day, we are bringing fun and magic to nursery rhymes, building a safe destination for children's learning, development and entertainment. From all over the world people are telling us that our nursery rhymes are the best support for kids in a second language learning journey.

Top 25 Songs

They're the songs everyone loves! Join the fun with our most popular videos by clicking this playlist!

Songs in Spanish

¡Hola, amigos! This playlist is for our Spanish speaking friends and also for parents who want their children to learn another language.

Songs in Russian

Studies show that exposure to another language at a young age can help the development of a child's brain.


Do you want your kids to learn while they are playing?

We have a secret recipe, based on stunning 3D animations created by world-class professionals, creative artists, talented musicians and educators.

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